Earthquake Information:

122 2018-10-09 16:12 (ML): 4.4 22.91N 121.37E, i.e. 28.8 km NE of Taitung County 


Earthquake No.: 107122

Origin time (Taiwan Standard Time: GMT+08:00): 10/ 9/2018 16:12:59.0

Location: 22.91N 121.37E, i.e. 28.8 km NE of Taitung County

Depth : 20.8 km

Magnitude(ML): 4.4

Intensity :
Donghe, Taitung County 4
Chishang, Taitung County 3
Fuli, Hualien County 3
Changbin, Taitung County 3
Luye, Taitung County 2
Ludao, Taitung County 2
Taitung City, Taitung County 2
Haiduan, Taitung County 2
Lidao, Taitung County 2
Beinan, Taitung County 1
Yuli, Hualien County 1
Taimali, Taitung County 1
Hongye, Hualien County 1
Taoyuan, Kaohsiung City 1
Yushan, Nantou County 1
Lanyu, Taitung County 1
Caoling, Yunlin County 1

PS. The waveforms may exist interruption due to the quality of transmission.

EDH-E / 4
ECB-E / 3
FULB-E / 3
ECS-E / 3
Origin Time:2018/10/09 16:12:59
Stacode=EDH ,Staname=Donghe            ,Stalon=121.30,Stalat=22.97,Dist=   9.55,AZ=132.26,PGA(V)=  18.39,PGA(NS)=  48.36,PGA(EW)=  37.18
Stacode=LONT,Staname=Luye              ,Stalon=121.13,Stalat=22.91,Dist=  24.93,AZ= 87.94,PGA(V)=   3.59,PGA(NS)=   1.57,PGA(EW)=   2.31
Stacode=ECS ,Staname=Chishang          ,Stalon=121.22,Stalat=23.10,Dist=  25.47,AZ=141.81,PGA(V)=   5.36,PGA(NS)=  10.04,PGA(EW)=  11.02
Stacode=LDU ,Staname=Ludao             ,Stalon=121.47,Stalat=22.67,Dist=  28.49,AZ=339.66,PGA(V)=   3.48,PGA(NS)=   5.06,PGA(EW)=   4.10
Stacode=TTN ,Staname=Taitung City      ,Stalon=121.15,Stalat=22.75,Dist=  28.68,AZ= 51.25,PGA(V)=   1.04,PGA(NS)=   3.70,PGA(EW)=   2.70
Stacode=EHD ,Staname=Haiduan           ,Stalon=121.21,Stalat=23.15,Dist=  31.07,AZ=146.63,PGA(V)=   2.79,PGA(NS)=   5.44,PGA(EW)=   4.07
Stacode=TWG ,Staname=Beinan            ,Stalon=121.08,Stalat=22.82,Dist=  31.91,AZ= 70.37,PGA(V)=   1.32,PGA(NS)=   1.77,PGA(EW)=   1.75
Stacode=FULB,Staname=Fuli              ,Stalon=121.29,Stalat=23.20,Dist=  32.48,AZ=165.58,PGA(V)=   3.51,PGA(NS)=   7.97,PGA(EW)=  10.21
Stacode=ECB ,Staname=Changbin          ,Stalon=121.45,Stalat=23.32,Dist=  45.21,AZ=190.23,PGA(V)=   3.63,PGA(NS)=  10.36,PGA(EW)=  10.19
Stacode=ELD ,Staname=Lidao             ,Stalon=121.03,Stalat=23.19,Dist=  46.71,AZ=130.26,PGA(V)=   1.90,PGA(NS)=   2.52,PGA(EW)=   2.35
Stacode=EYUL,Staname=Yuli              ,Stalon=121.32,Stalat=23.35,Dist=  48.23,AZ=173.45,PGA(V)=   1.09,PGA(NS)=   1.05,PGA(EW)=   0.88
Stacode=ECL ,Staname=Taimali           ,Stalon=120.96,Stalat=22.60,Dist=  54.99,AZ= 50.10,PGA(V)=   0.61,PGA(NS)=   0.94,PGA(EW)=   1.17
Stacode=EHY ,Staname=Hongye            ,Stalon=121.33,Stalat=23.50,Dist=  65.41,AZ=176.15,PGA(V)=   0.42,PGA(NS)=   0.83,PGA(EW)=   1.22
Stacode=STYH,Staname=Taoyuan           ,Stalon=120.78,Stalat=23.18,Dist=  67.36,AZ=115.82,PGA(V)=   0.80,PGA(NS)=   1.09,PGA(EW)=   1.59
Stacode=YUS ,Staname=Yushan            ,Stalon=120.96,Stalat=23.49,Dist=  76.27,AZ=146.27,PGA(V)=   0.38,PGA(NS)=   0.98,PGA(EW)=   0.88
Stacode=LAY ,Staname=Lanyu             ,Stalon=121.56,Stalat=22.04,Dist=  98.99,AZ=348.90,PGA(V)=   0.49,PGA(NS)=   1.59,PGA(EW)=   1.44
Stacode=CHN5,Staname=Caoling           ,Stalon=120.68,Stalat=23.60,Dist= 103.81,AZ=136.75,PGA(V)=   0.31,PGA(NS)=   0.78,PGA(EW)=   0.85


Please install Google Earth in advance, and download the KMZ file. Users can display earthquake report in Google Earth interface.
KMZ file includes of earthquake parameters, the contour figure, and realtime waveform figures of stations.