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Information Utilization Policy of the Central Weather Bureau World Wide Web

  • All the information published, disclosed, contained, and/or used in this web site of the Central Weather Bureau (hereinafter the "Website"), presented in the form of, including but not limited to, literary words, videos, graphs, recording, images, audio, etc., is protected under the Copyright Act. The aforementioned information is available to any institution, schools, companies (internal use), and/or any person, provided such utilization may not violate or breach the provisions and regulations prescribed in the Act.

  • Any party whom the Central Weather Bureau (hereinafter, the "CWB") has the cooperative relationship with or has contractually authorized to, may, within the limitation of its entitled rights, utilize publications published in the name of CWB in the Website on condition that the source shall be expressly specified. In the event that a party wishes to reproduce, in part or in all, the information published in the Website or to create derivative works there from, and subsequently spread to any third person or use in additional applications, it shall not change, distort, or misinterpret the contents and meanings thereof, and shall, for the purpose of expressing its respect to the CWB as the copyright owner, procure a prior consent of the CWB.

  • Where the contents contained in the Website, of which the copyright owner is not the CWB, such contents shall be published only after consented by such copyright owner.

Links to the Website
  • The Website is open for connection to the public. No consent of the CWB is required, provided that the title of the CWB shall be expressly specified.

  • Names, locations, and format of the files contained in the Website may be updated or amended at any time; therefore, we do not suggest links made to certain files (such as .htm files) or via automatic retrieve means to obtain the relevant information.

Third Party Sites
  • The related links to non-CWB websites provided in the Website are merely for the convenience of its users. The CWB shall not be liable to any use of the contents thereof, and further shall not guarantee the accuracy, timeliness, completion, and security of the websites.

  • The CWB promises, to the best of its efforts, to assure the timeliness and accuracy of the information it provided; however, the relevant information will, at any time, be revised or updated in accordance with the then current actual situation. The CWB is not responsible to notify anyone of such revision or updating in advance. It shall be the user's responsibility to obtain the latest information, understand the relevant meanings and applying limitations, and correctly use such information in case any misinterpretation.

  • Due to the application natures of Internet, when a user visits the Website, please note if there is any proxy server provided by his internal system or ISP operators to view this Website. The CWB may not resolve problems for users regarding those arising from the storage time of cache, preference settings or malfunction caused by such proxy server. The user shall contact the responsible unit to eliminate such barriers.