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The Center has Director, Deputy Directors, Technical Specialists , Seven Sectors head and staffs total of 40 .

Sector of Earthquake Monitoring

  1. To plan, execute, and monitor the service of report of sensible earthquake and issue of earthquake warning.
  2. To install, manage, and maintain the system of earthquake forecasting and task of network and communication.
  3. To plan, communicate, execute, and monitor services of 24 hours duty and big earthquake administration.
  4. To plan, communicate and execute task of precaution and protection of disaster.
  5. To draft and make relative law of forecasting.
  6. To execute other relative earthquake monitoring tasks.


Sector of Earth& Physic


  1. To install, maintain the monitoring network of earth physics and manage the monitoring stations.
  2. To purchase and maintain the earth physic monitoring seismometer and administration.
  3. To collect, process the earth physic monitoring data and build a data base.
  4. To receive and process the earth physic monitoring data and analyze relative software development.
  5. To analyze and research the warning signs of earthquake of earth physic monitoring and relative applying searches.
  6. To arrange, edit, and publish the result of earth physic monitoring data.


Sector of Researching & Development


  1. To plan, execute, monitoring the services of earthquake forecasting.
  2. To develop, transfer, and assist the skills, tasks, and systems of earthquake forecasting.
  3. To install, manage, and, maintain the data from real-time seismic monitoring station of receiving and integrating systems.
  4. To install, manage, and maintain the central data processing system and data communicating safety management.
  5. Other relatively researching development business.


Sector of Data Processing


  1. To process, count, analyze, manage, and maintain the earthquake monitoring data in Taiwan.
  2. To collect, manage, and maintain the earthquake catalogue in various countries
  3. To build index file of Taiwan Area earthquake data base, and manage, maintain the focus of earthquakes analyzing system.
  4. To analyze, and report regularly the monthly seismic activities.
  5. To proofread, print, and deliver the earthquake quarterly.
  6. To arrange, edit, and publish the broadband earthquake monitoring data, and annals of strong earthquake monitoring data.


Sector of System Maintaining


  1. To plan, and site different kinds of earthquake monitoring stations, and sign the operation contract.
  2. To manage, and communicate different kinds of earthquake monitoring stations, and appropriate the rent and power supply subsidy.
  3. To build, and fix different kinds of earthquake monitoring stations.
  4. To purchase, and install the earthquake forecasting machines.
  5. To fix, maintain the seismometers and sign the contract.
  6. To manage, test, fix and eliminate the seismometers.
  7. To rent, apply for, appropriate, check, test, and coordinate the lines of earthquake forecasting communication.
  8. To collect, integrate strong earthquake monitoring data.
  9. To maintain the electrical equipment in control room, fire fighting, and air conditioning.


Sector of Material Applying


  1. To offer, login, arrange the earthquake data purchasing.
  2. To arrange, accommodate, explain for visiting groups, and propagandize precautions and preparedness of disaster to the public.
  3. There are some administration management such as books purchasing, information class, network management, historical earthquake data base, and newspaper clipping.
  4. To process earthquake propaganda, offer and make propagandistic objects, and manage, maintain the seismometers and pictures in every exhibition.
  5. To fill in and submit news releasing data and propaganda material in electronic bulletin.
  6. To install, manage, and maintain Geographic Information System for earthquake forecasting.
  7. To install, manage, and maintain GDMS.


Sector of Business Management


  1. To send and receive the governmental, and register, manage the classified documents.
  2. To track to the results of important earthquake.
  3. To write, and report chronicle of center, summary of important earthquake working tasks, and new releases about earthquake and tsunami.
  4. To purchase, discard, register, and manage properties of affairs and relative objects.
  5. To register and manage general administration.
  6. To select foreign and domestic earthquake consultants and advisors, and hold different kinds of meetings.
  7. To report, control, and check administration plan, technology plan, approximation, and going aboard plan which are relative with earthquake.
  8. To co-work, and communicate with international and cross-strait earthquake skills and technology.
  9. To answer questions about earthquake, tsunami, and volcano in lawmakers’, the public’s and internet mailboxes, and manage questions bank.