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Taiwan, is located in the intersection between Eurasian Continent plate and Philippine Sea plate, has frequently earthquake. As highly economic development, the population and buildings of many metropolises are getting higher and more crowded. The latent danger increase a lot. We founded earthquake forecasting center in February, 1st, 1989 to reduce earthquake disaster. And, this center is a substitute for sector of earth and geography. After founding this, we also actively to administer a plan which called “Accurate Earthquake Forecasting and Earthquake Observation Founding.” Besides, it changes from 19 “vertical seismographs” to “three vector seismometer”, building 31 stations with three vector seismometer and 6 deep well continually, and, it has a consolidation with Institute of Earth Sciences, Academia Sinica, and Earthquake center, National Chung Cheng University to build Real-time Seismic Monitoring Network. And, this plan will make us to monitor and forecast more accurate and correct.

We implement Strong Motion Instrumentation Program (TSMIP) during 1992 to 1997, while we widen functions of Real-time Seismic Monitoring Network. Also, we install 629 strong motion accelerographs in 9 metropolises including Taipei, Hsinchu Taichung, Chiayi, Tainan, Kaohsiung, Yilan, Hualien, and Taidung . And, we accomplish monitoring systems for strong ground motions. These programs offer not only data to design aseismatic response spectrum to every single giant project but also development of intensity for every region. (Before 1995, we had 686 strong motion accelerographs and 61 monitoring systems for strong ground motions.)

Due to the outstanding result of TSMIP, we propose another plan which is called TSMIP Ⅱ- Strong Shock Quick Reporting System Installing, and implement it in 6 years after approving from Executive Yuan in 1998. In main, we install strong motion accelerographs with real-time digital data outputting to build Real-time Seismic Monitoring Network to deliver messages immediately to Earthquake Forecasting Center in Taipei, speed up to know the intensities of every regions, and judge primarily whether disasters happen or not. And, these systems are all automatic to report temblor massages much quicker and accelerate them to traffic control center and safety & rescue headquarter to diminish toll and the injured.

To understand the relationship between topography and earthquakes, we have installed 37 permanent Global Positioning System station (GPS Station) to measure the evaluation and horizontal displacement with method of continuous monitoring recording in every single station from 1993 to 2001. Furthermore, we plan to install 150 stations in the end of 2006. This monitoring network is used for long-term epeirogency investigation to compare with earthquakes for judging when or where earthquake will happen to build a capability to forecast earthquakes.

Here we have 6 ways to release news of earthquakes. (1) The website for Central Weather Bureau, (2) To send text massages and fax to safety & secure headquarter and mass media, (3) To e-mail to experts and scholars who are expert in earthquakes, (4) Hotlines 166 and 167 to report breaking news with spoken sound, (5) Group Faxing, and (6) To put news ticker in TBS channel and collect the massages into data base for academic circle to analyze them.

Central Weather Bureau is devoting in enhancing ability for earthquake forecasting to strengthen the benefit of earthquake monitoring. Also, we have medium and long range to reach in the goal of disaster prevention. In medium range, we will enhance functions of Strong Shock Quick Reporting System and Monitoring Systems for Strong Ground Motions. And, this function can be integrate and apply for Earthquake Forecasting System. In long range, we plan to build a warning system for earthquake and develop skills for forecasting.